Deepali Fashions is a family owned business. The family has been in the clothing line since 1974, originally from Hoshiarpur, Punjab. The business has been passed down 3 generations with the focus on providing exceptional customer service and quality products. Starting from a small city in Punjab, we expanded into Canada in 2012 wholesaling to stores around the country. Deepali Fashions in Canada began as an wholesaler from a home garage and opened it's first storefront in Calgary on July 25, 2013. With great success and support, Deepali Fashions opened its second location in Edmonton 0n February 4, 2017. From there, we expanded into the bridal industry and established Lavish Bridal Couture - a bridal boutique with prêt-à-porter and couture designs.  Today, we've got 2 locations of Deepali Fashions and a bridal showroom with plans to expand into Vancouver and Toronto in the coming years.


Our goal is to provide you with the best and quality products around.


Deepali Fashions is Canada's premier storefront that offers an exclusive non-bridal collection, along with an endless collection of imitation accessories. Our stores in Calgary and Edmonton offer Indian fashionista exactly what they want and a chance to glam with bespoke looks! We have always believed in providing our clients with the foremost customer service along with adequate prices. We provide in house tailoring to best suite our clients needs so that they can have the clothes they like, and feel comfortable in them.



How do we ensure fair and reasonable pricing? Many brands in our industry markup their products 5x+ the actual cost. At Deepali Fashions, we believe in volume over profit which means we provide our clients with affordable prices and prioritize sale volumes. Additionally, we've built a supply chain that is 100% controlled be us. All of our products are precisely purchased from direct manufactures and highest quality control is ensured from our manufacturers & vendors in  India. We also design and create a huge chunk of our non-bridal clothing line from scratch. Basically, most of our pieces are handcrafted directly in our production facility and then sent out to our export office to have them shipped to our Calgary and Edmonton locations. Our own line is one of our competitive advantages as each piece is carefully catered to meet client specific needs.


Competitor Pricing: Cost to produce > Wholesale mark up > Retail mark up

Deepali Fashions Pricing: Cost to produce > Our retail mark up